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Managed Backups

Cloud Storage

High perfomance scale-out storage service. With each dedicated server, you'll receive 10GB of free storage for the life of the server, scaling as much as you need for only a 20¢/GB.

High-performance scale-out storage
Cross platform for Windows and Linux
Supports multiple access protocols
Super affordable at 20¢/GB per month
Industrial strength storage
Free 10 GB with every server

Cloud Storage is distributed and replicated across many servers. Know that your data is safe from hardware failure. Highly scalable, it can handle thousands of client connections via TCP/IP. Cloud Storage is based on a stackable design which makes scaling up easy. Connect to your virtual drive with SFTP, FTP, and SSHMount and in the future NFS and AFP. We include 10GB free with every server. Upgradabe to up to 2TB per instance!

Start by configuring your server
Server Snapshot & Restore Point

We begin by taking a full system backup of 100% of your server’s data. Each day thereafter we will perform an incremental backup and create a new restore point of your server.

A new restore point is created every 24 hours with a total of 5 restore points always available to you. In the event of data loss, data corruption or a server virus, you will always access to a copy of your data from less than 24 hours or 5 days prior. We are then able to restore a single file, directory, partition or even your entire server, including the OS and configurations (bare-metal restore), back to its status from the restore point of your choosing.

Cross platform backup for both Windows and Linux servers
Restore files, directories, partitions or entire server including OS and config
Backups and restores rapidly performed over our private network
5 restore points with the 5 previous day’s of data maintained
Affordable and easy way to insure your business’s data integrity
Your data is backed up to redundant enterprise storage
Additional storage available as your data grows

In the event you accidentally delete or override critical data or your hard drive suffers a catastrophic failure, with our snapshot solution you simply need to open a trouble ticket day or night and we will be there to save the day…with your saved data. If you were to have a hard drive fail, we simply replace the failed drive with a brand new one and begin the bare-metal restore from the previous night’s full system backup. Within a couple of hours your server is back up and running just like it was the day before. No wasting time with trouble-shooting, no sending the drive off for data recovery and no need for you to search for your backups and pray they are not too old. Just give us a call or open a ticket 24/7 and we will get you back up and running in no time.

If you do purchase one of our storage plans we advise you choose a plan that provides ample space for data growth. We typically recommend you choose a plan with twice as much available space as you have data. For instance, if you have 500GB of data, then you should choose our 1TB storage solution. This allows for things that often go unnoticed like log files, images and emails to collect and grow, without the risk of you having more data on the server than backup space to accommodate it.

500GB - ₹1499
1000GB - ₹3835
1500GB - ₹6435
2000GB - ₹10985
3000GB - ₹15535
4000GB - ₹20085
5000GB - ₹24635
Start by configuring your server

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