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Server Management


Priority Support
OS Updates and Patches
Critical Alerts
Server Hardening and Ongoing Security Audits
Installation of Supported cPanel Add-ons
Firewall and Brute Force Detection

Note: All prices above are exclusive of Service Tax charged at 14.5%

Hivelocity offers a host of proactive management services for our cPanel dedicated server customers. If a problem arises software, hardware or network related we know about it immediately and resolve it immediately. Our technology alerts us of symptoms that may eventually lead to a problem and allows our technicians to proactively resolve them, avoiding the issue altogether.


  1. Free migration from any cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Ensim dedicated server
  2. Free migration of up to 10 accounts from any shared cPanel solution
  3. Setup CSF/APF
  4. Setup RKhunter, CHkrootkit, setup alerts for them
  5. Setup of monitoring for services and hardware
  6. Initial WHM/cPanel Setup
  7. Install Atop/MyTop/MultiTail/ConfigServer File Manager/Mail Queue Manager
  8. Server will be consoled within 5 mins of an alert
  9. Both the data center and customer can receive alerts if desired
  10. RAID monitoring included if applicable
  1. Help recover and setup after crash/hack.
  2. Rebuild from most recent backups from customer files
  3. Remote reboot included
  4. Remote reboot included
  5. Disable unnecessary services/users
  6. Hardening of LAMP Stack
  7. Mod_security setup, with basic rules from GotRoot.
  8. Installation of most free and available ConfigServer scripts
  9. 3rd party software installed if supported by cPanel
  10. Install Web Applications instantly with Softaculous

Hivelocity is the best hosting company period. - Truly 'impressive support' which becomes obvious by how they treat you and interact with you as a customer: from billing to sales and support. — Eric Gillette

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